The Truth about Animation: How you can elevate your business to new heights during lockdown

The Truth about Animation: How you can elevate your business to new heights during lockdown

In this day and age the market is saturated with content, particularly video content. So how can you stand out from the crowd? Luckily there are many answers to that question, one being animation! High quality animation can have an immediate and effective impact on your audience and set apart your video marketing as fresh and unique. Let's dive a little deeper into how animation can elevate your business to new heights.

Animation can be done from home

Let's not beat around the bush. In a world where different parts of the country are constantly in and out of lockdown it can be nearly impossible to plan for and coordinate a video shoot. But with animation all of these problems go away. You can host online meetings with your creative team, review and revise drafts and release your final product all without a moment of in-person contact. Just because the world around you has been put on pause doesn’t mean your video marketing has to as well. In fact there has never been a better time to engage with your consumers! Everyone is bored at home, looking for products and services to take their attention away from the repetition of everyday life. Take this golden opportunity and get your business out there with a great animation all made whilst working from home!


The possibilities are endless, regardless of budget

Do you want something big and fancy in your marketing videos but you have no idea how you could afford it? Maybe you want the dinosaur in your company's logo to come alive and walk around a city, or maybe you’d love to show your company’s product flying off into space with an astronaut. This brings us to possibly the best aspect of animation. It’s not limited by your wallet or anything else. The only limitation is you and your team's imaginations. You could say the sky's the limit, but it’s not! You can reach the sky and far beyond. So have you had a grand idea for your company’s marketing but you’ve always held back because you don’t know how it could be done? Don’t compromise. Consider animation and make that dream a reality.


Animation is engaging and effective for all audiences

The idea that animations are for kids is a myth. It’s as simple as that. Major companies known for their adult customer bases such as Volkswagen, Starbucks, Android, American Express and many others all use animation in their marketing. It’s because of how effective animations are, with research suggesting animated videos have nearly 30% higher engagement rates than live-action videos (Aatma). Plus, animations can be geared to just about any audience and for any purpose. From playful animations that appeal to all ages to animated explainer videos that effortlessly convey the ins and outs of a complex product or service, there is a type of animated video that could work perfectly for you. With animation you can cut straight to the point and foster genuine connections with your consumers.


Typography and animation are a match made in heaven

Let’s be honest. Videos with lots of text can be boring. But they don’t have to be! Animation can change the way your customers engage with the written content in your videos and make your typography impactful. If your business needs to use text to convey your message that doesn't mean engagement with your videos should suffer. It's all about purposefully blending text and high quality visuals. Making sure your audience engages with key phrases, topics and ideas in your videos is essential to all marketing campaigns and mixing typography with animation is the perfect solution.

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Your brand is front and centre

Raising awareness around your brand is vital to any marketing campaign. People need to recognise your colours and identity straight away and they need to stick in their minds long after they’ve watched your video content and animation is perfect for just that. You can incorporate the colours of your brand directly into the colour scheme of the animation and ensure that your logo is front and centre. You can even animate your logo to make it extra memorable! So if you’re looking to develop a consistent brand style that your customers can recognise and remember, or just want to boost the visibility of your current brand style, animation is your new best friend.


In summary

So whether you’ve been sitting on an idea for a great animated video for ages, or you’re looking to find a dedicated team that can invigorate your video marketing with a much needed injection of colour and creativity, there has never been a better time than right now. Don’t let the uncertainty of our times stop you from getting out there and connecting with your audience. Take this opportunity to get your creative juices flowing and be bold. Animation could be the next big step forward for your brand and business. Go on. Tell your story.

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